Board of Directors

Every member of our team is dedicated to the execution of our corporate strategy and has made a commitment to excellence. We are here to protect, defend, educate and listen. We have worked tirelessly to gain the respect and loyalty of the medical community. A visionary leader in providing medical malpractice insurance and service, we are unmatched in experience, knowledge and trust. Likewise, our members can count on us to be here for many years to come. Every product and every service is tailored to the needs of our policyholders and provided by the industry's most competent, committed and personable staff.

CMIC Risk Retention Group Board of Directors

  • Edmund Schiavoni, MD - President & Chairman of the Board
  • John Hornby, MD - Vice President
  • Mark D'Agostino, MD - Treasurer
  • James Pellegrini, MD -Board Member
  • Michael Conneely, CFO - Secretary
  • Stephen Gallant, CEO
  • Michael Roque, COO